Highland Tour ~ July 3-5

Inverness, the Isle of Skye and Glencoe…and A LOT in between!  So much beauty to see and interactions to be had, all jampacked into 3 days!Doug the Tour Guide


  1. Week one=a success! I am in LOVE with not only Edinburgh but all of Scotland! Upon arriving, I was a little hesitant, because everything hit me all at once: life in a foreign country on my own for 5 weeks doing everything including grocery shopping, laundry, homework, and, most importantly, exploring! SO much to do, that I got a little overwhelmed and nervous I wouldn’t be able to do it all. However, I feel we’ve all made great strides this week in discovering the land…getting our bearings in Edinburgh and experiencing the “wild and sexy” countryside of Scotland.
    The classes are going great so far: both of the professors are brilliant and the school’s decor is not that bad either. Edinburgh’s charm is more than magnetic; everything from getting a warm cup of Americano on the way to class at an independent coffee shop or taking an evening jog in the Meadows Park has a certain magic to it. The city is not overbearing making life on my own (with the company of everyone on the trip, of course) very easy.
    The Highlands Tour=an experience I will never forget! Scotland is “absolutely gorgeous”–the land is prettier than a painting and photos certainly do not give the landscapes justice. You have to see it to believe it, and, once you do, you will bask in the DSL (deep scottish love) just as we all did this weekend.
    Can’t wait for the upcoming weeks!

  2. The “wild and sexy” Haggis tour surpassed all of my thoughts and wishes for the 3 day trip! I had a BALL particularly the second day touring around Skye and doing all of the silly things Kyle and Fergie asked us to do according to Scottish myth and tales. This included sticking my face in a stream for longer beauty, runnin down a fairy waterfall, comparing my feet to a raptors, etc. Who knew touristy activities could be so much fun?! Also, Saucy Mary’s was a hoot and while I will never ever go back there, I can at least say I’ve experienced Kyleakin like that-ha.

  3. The Highlands of Scotland are absolutely gorgeous! I’m ready to buy my vacation home. Our tour guide and bus driver kept us entertained for three days with crazy stories about Scottish history, including some wacky tales involving fairies and giants.

    I am a descendant from the Campbell clan. On the tour, I found the Campbell clan name at the Culloden Battlefield and learned why the Campbells are greatly disliked in Glencoe.

    I enjoyed touring the Eilean Donan castle, climbing up to the ruins of Saucy Mary’s castle in Kyleakin, and meeting Hamish the hairy “coo’. It was a great weekend, and I am completely exhausted from it.

  4. I’ve never seen so much green in my life. I definitely am feeling the deep Scottish love! The Highlands tour was breathtaking! One of my favorite stops on the trip was Glencoe. Getting off the bus and stepping into a field of magnificent green was absolutely relishing. =)

  5. The Highlands Tour was a once in a lifetime experience. I had such a great time getting to see so much of Scotland and also getting closer with my classmates. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking! I used to think I could only find such gorgeous landscapes like that on a postcard, but I have now seen it firsthand. It was amazing to see so much land in its natural state, instead of huge skyscrapers. The air was so fresh and I was even able to drink directly from a stream of water flowing down a mountain without having to worry if it was clean! I also had so much fun at the hostels and hanging out with everyone in the evenings while enjoying some pear cider:-) This tour was a trip of a lifetime and I would like to thank Kyle and Fergie (our tour guides) for showing me how truly WILD and SEXY Scotland is!

  6. I don’t think pictures or words can justify how amazing the Scottish Highlands are. The wild and sexy tour we went on lead by Fergie the bus driver and Kyle our guide definitely got the deep scottish love going through everyone in the program. We saw some terrifc sights and heard some unbelievable stories (key word: unbelievable, but fun nonetheless). The weekend was also a great bonding experience with others in the group. Couldn’t have possibly asked for more from my first full weekend in Scotland.

  7. I have DSL. Not Diametric Synergy Logistics, but Deep Scottish Love. Whenever I travel, I really enjoy the countryside. I look at maps and think “I wonder what’s over there?” Naturally, having never visited Scotland, most of the unchartered map sparked my interest. I can safely say that north and northwest Scotland is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been, as it is natural and mostly untouched by humans. The atmosphere in the area is very distinct from the rest of Scotland and represents a unique experience that could not be had in Edinburgh or elsewhere. Though I ended up spending a few more pounds than expected, for various, legal reasons (of course), the memories taken away from the trip will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life. Plus we saw William Wallace’s memorial. Awesome.

  8. 1) Eat Haggis
    2) Drink Whiskey
    3) Try Irn Bru
    4) Meet a real Scottish Highlander

    …Kyle’s initial goals for us for our Highlands trip. I didn’t try Haggis yet, but I’m determined to do that at some point while I’m in Scotland.

    Basically the bus tour was amazing owing to the fact that the actual bus-riding part was so entertaining! Kyle and Fergie were some crazy Scots and I will never forget the beautiful scenery I got to glimpse throughout the weekend! I want to take my family back here and let them see all the things I saw! Well, I’d probably leave out Saucy Mary’s night…AMAZING trip

  9. The Highlands of Scotland were one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Everything was so lush and green (even though I heard a local remark that ‘things were a little brown this year’). It was so great to get out of the city for a weekend and really see the beauty of Scotland. I think I even convinced my parents that they needed to come explore the Highlands!

    I’m also proud to note that I am now the owner of an amazing “Wild & Sexy Scotland” shirt- a proud remembrance of an amazing weekend. We had a chance to interact with our amazing tour guides- Kyle and Fergie- and learn..sometimes a little bit too much about them.

    All in all a great weekend! Can’t wait for 4 more weeks of Deep Scottish Love!

  10. This trip was crazy! Everything was beautiful and we once again had nice weather. I loved the scenery– nothing like Texas. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th (Saucy Mary’s was nuts). This was also a great trip to bond with the other 29 students. We learned alot about each other and grew to be better friends! Great first weekend to our Scotland trip!!

  11. Even though I had some bad luck with my camera, I enjoyed every minute of the Highlands tour. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. I am definitely going to go back someday, and I think that everyone should visit the Highlands at some point in their lives.

    One of the highlights was meeting some Irish people and dancing an Irish jig in a circle with them. Also the fact that they were extremely entertained by Kevin saying, “Yo!”

  12. I am in love with Scotland. The 3 day HAGGiS adventures tour was utterly amazing. Never have I ever seen so much green in my life. I still haven’t tried haggis, nor have i seen nessie, but at least we definitely got WILD & SEXY.

    It’s definitely an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Everything from the sights, the hilarious guides, the good times, everything.


  13. Between the yellow bus with “Wild & Sexy” and “Passionate” painted on the sides and a steady stream of Backstreet Boys music, it was clear very early that this wasn’t an ordinary tour. Kyle and Fergie drove us all around the Highlands, telling us about Scottish history and culture. We saw amazing sights, heard entertaining stories, and overall had a very memorable trip!

  14. The Highlands are “absolutely gorgeous”! Say that with a Scottish accent and you have turned into our tour guide Kyle. It was great weekend because everyone got just that much closer. We were feeling the DSL, aka Deep Scottish Love, so we all celebrated the fourth of July as a group at Saucy Mary’s which was “mental”. I had some amazingly fresh fish this weekend too. The views were amazing, and the tour was great. I wish we could have explored more, but I wouldn’t have been able to anyways because of my foot. It is healing though! Great weekend overall.

  15. What a weekend. I don’t think any of us were prepared for such an incredible weekend of Highland exploration and tourism at its absolute peak (no pun intended). After hearing absolutely absurd legends, stories, and a good number of blatant lies (North Face was NOT founded in Scotland OR named for the North Face of Ben Nevis)…our guides were possibly the funniest guides I’ve ever seen. Kyle did most of the talking and “stand-up” while our driver, Fergie, can be summed up in his name and his love for American Pop music. They took us to the most “wild and sexy” views and attractions. From nature walks to absolutely gorgeous falls and streams, to overlooks of Glencoe and the Sister Peaks of Kintail…we hit all of the hot spots. I’d have to say my favorite stop was the Eilean Donan Castle…mainly because it has been in James Bond movies AND Made of Honor. What more could I ask for? Our nights at the hostels were humorously opposite. The first night was spent in a wee little town at a secluded hostel tucked in the woods, while our second night was quite a bit different. Let’s just say we stayed at a hostel named “Saucy Mary’s”, which boasted one of the most popular pubs in town and the most insane locals to prove it. Priceless memories were made. We made it safely back to Edinburgh with everyone accounted for and all with significant cases of “DSL” or “Deep Scottish Love” as everyone else has noted. Unforgettable weekend.

  16. I was absolutely amazed by everything we got to see on the Highlands Tour this weekend. Even though Scotland is relatively small, the highlands are filled with several gorgeous mountains, lochs, and everything in between. As we drove in our Haggis Adventures bus, I looked out of my window in amazement…Scotland is a fabulous place. I also enjoyed getting to know everyone in the group a lot more this weekend. Some of us have only known each other for a few days, so spending a weekend on a bus and in hostels together really brought us closer. Another great memory from this weekend would be talking to the locals and other travelers in the Isle of Skye. Everyone I have met has a great sense of humor, and I have loved talking to people about where they come from. Overall, the Highlands Tour was spectacular. We got to see some great sites and meet a lot of people. On top of that, our guide Kyle and driver Fergie were a great source of entertainment for us all.

  17. I am absolutely certain my heaven looks like Scotland. Absolutely everywhere we looked it was breathtaking, ok maybe minus the “harry coo”. But what an fantastic experience the highlands tour was! I am sitting here trying to pick out an aspect of it that I liked best and it is impossible, literally the whole trip was a fantastic adventure. There are so many perfect places to hike in Scotland and seeing how different people live is fascinating. I had never been out of the country before this and the fact that everything is the same but everything is different still blows my mind. I find myself wondering what it would be like to grow up in a little cottage in the highlands, and I am little jealous of Fergie…

  18. If I had to pick a word to describe the Highlands, the word would most definitely be GREEN. The landscape across the terrain is a hilly lush beautiful mix of different shades of green…scattered with the occasional rocks and sheep and of course, white horses!

    The Highlands are undoubtedly beautiful, but my favorite part of the tour had to be the myths and folklore behind certain landmarks. I’ve always been a fan of mythology, and it was so wonderful to have the opportunity to hear stories of faeries and giants as opposed to the familiar stories of Greek mythology.

    The entire trip was a blast! I’ll never forget how awed I was by my surroundings…or the hopping good time we all had dancing the night away during our stay at Saucy Mary’s. I’m definitely feeling the deep Scottish love!

  19. Sometimes it takes awhile for the beauty of a country to really make itself known, but I think I speak for a majority of our group when I say that the Highlands was like a smack in the face of HEY I’M SCOTLAND AND I’M FREAKIN GORGEOUS.

    Okay, maybe with more subtlety, but really. Every corner you turned here was another picture, and that’s something I could hardly ever say at home. Every moment was a Kodak moment and in all honesty if I could have just been a dork and videoed the tour, like a CIBER documentary, I totally would have. And tried my best not to be creepy about it. Either way, a fantastic weekend and a great start to week two.

    Cheers everyone.

  20. This weekend I had an absolute blast on the Highlands Tour. I have not seen anything like it, and the landscape absolutely blew my mind away. The mountains and the lochs (lakes) are just beautiful and evoke a sense of “one with nature”. The most enjoyable part of the trip was the Isle of Skye where we got to see the ocean and I got to climb a little bit of the hill around the region (to see Saucy Mary’s Castle) which I did not get to do since I left Montana. One important tip I want to leave is that: make sure your name is on the hostel guest list or you will have to spend the night with strangers!

  21. The highlands were stunning! It was awesome to go to Loch Ness (which was waaaay bigger than i expected) and the Isle of Skye was incredible. Good guides, good people, and good views made the trip one to remember! I also got toe feed Hamish the Hairy Coo and we are best friends now! Fabulous weekend. Riding on a bus for three days wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated!

  22. I really enjoyed the highlands tour. I love how green and lush everything was, you just don’t see that kind of beauty in Texas. Everything was lovely from the lochs to the charming little villages we stayed at. I also really enjoyed listening to Kyle and Fergie talk about Scottish history, even though some of the stuff they said wasn’t true.

  23. An unforgettable experience. What a way to kick off our time here. The food, music, sights, and stories were certainly something to remember.

    I’m glad I can say that I have traveled to Loch Ness, eaten haggis, drank real Scottish whiskey, and seen the beautiful Isle of Skye.

    The rest of the trip should definitely be a blast.

  24. Wow. I never thought I could be so enthralled by a continuation of green hills, blue skies, and dark lochs. This highlands tour has definitely been the one event that bonded all the study abroaders into one big family. Just a wonderful time made even more wonderful by the people we spent it with! (awww….if I may say so myself).

    Feelin some deep Scottish love!!!

  25. I’ve never been a person who likes getting on a bus just to see natural beauty, but the highlands tour totally changed me! The highlands were so magnificent. I ended up with hundreds of pictures of hills that don’t look nearly as cool as what they looked like in real life.

    One of the things I’ll remember the most is going super fast in our haggis tour bus on these itty bitty roads edging beside cliffs. I buckled my seat belt for sure, especially since Fergie was driving!

    The thing I liked the most about the highlands tour was that I got to know everyone in our group better because everyone was able to kick back and relax and forget about the “studying” abroad part of studying abroad, at least for a litte while!

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